Monday, June 30, 2008

Playgroup comes to the Osterinks

We hosted playgroup this week - lots of wet and wild fun. The kids played in the new whale shaped pool, swang on the swings, and a good time was had by all. I don't usually have my camera around when our playgroup meets, yet we spend so much of our time with these kids (and their mommies) that its nice to finally post some shots of our gal pals (and a few boys now too). Abby has known these kids since she was 6 weeks old and its really getting cute to watch them play together like siblings or cousins because they just know each other so well.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy 8 months Caleigh!

Miss Caleigh Marie is eight months old today - hooray! As you can see by the pictures she is one wiggly worm. Caleigh has really developed a certain sense of humor. We love her crooked smile, and her snorty laugh (when she gets excited she starts breathing heavy - hyperventilating really - its comedy to watch her an Abby go at it).
She has 4 teeth (two top and two bottom) and the teething continues. Food is still an issue - the kids has jumped right over baby food and into solids - must be the older sibling. She sleeps through the night occasionally (oops, did I just jinx it? D****!). From crawling to pulling up, Caleigh wants to do everything the big kids can do, YIKES!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mine, All Mine

Caleigh got her first real toy that was 100% all hers. She loves looking in the mirror at herself when she dances!

Caleigh O'Malley, the cheerio addict, and other fun shots

I am getting caught up on our blogging for May, so here are some shots of the girls to share. I should really capture more pics of the fun things we do - never seem to have a camera on hand! In May we had a great outdoor playgroup at the Fernstom house - they got multiple inflatable fun toys (bouncy house and pool etc) and we enjoyed the summer like weather playing outside. We got a new minivan (Vinnie 2 as Abby calls it) after the first vinnie got an "ouchers" (i.e. crashed) and had to, according to Abby, see Dr. Porter (our Peds) and then got new clothes (its a whole new car, but Abby nearly freaked at the idea, so we had to say that the new paint color was new clothes).

We took our first trip to the zoo of the season, and while most of the animals were snuggling close to their pens (it was cold!) the leopard was out and in full force. Since its Abby's favorite animal at the zoo, we deemed it a successful trip.

Abby's Mimi and Papa Osterink visited at the end of the month which was lots of fun. We took in the Portland Art Museum on family day, visited the "worm" park in Forest Heights, and generally hung out with Mimi.

We also made a visit to meet Herman the Sturgeon at the Bonneville Dam and fish hatchery. Abby and her friends saw the fish ladders and fed fish in the ponds, followed by greasy burger goodness at Char-Burger... mmmm....

Caleigh, for her part, was toted along to all these adventures and maintained her generally mellow demeanor. She waited until just after her Mimi left to start crawling and now she is getting around pretty good. Abby is obsessed with making up funny names for her and the one that has stuck is "Caleigh O'Malley" - so she calls her that all the time. I prefer to call her "stinker" because now that we have started solid foods, boy does she stink!

Now for the pictures: