Sunday, October 12, 2008

Caleigh Turns One!

Our dear sweet Caleigh turned one today... I can't believe its already that time; it seems like only yesterday I was pregnant with her. If her birth was any indication, Caleigh is an easygoing, light-hearted, mellow little girl. She just rolls with life without complaint. She is sometimes quite serious - getting this contemplative, observant look on her face - but make no mistake, she is a little comedian. She loves following her sister around and is not afraid of anything - I mean anything. She climbs on everything, hasn't found a cord or other safety hazard she isn't curious about, and started walking well before today.

She loves kitty cats, dogs, baby dolls and the Moon, Moon, Moon song. She says "Abba" for her sister Abby, "itty" for the kitty cat, and says "baby" clear as day. Though she still isn't a great sleeper, its made up for with her wonderful disposition.

To celebrate her first birthday we held a party at the Plumper Pumpkin Patch off Old Cornelius Pass Rd. She found a little pumpkin right away and didn't put it down the whole time, carrying it around the patch with her. She met the baby calf (who licked her) and the pigs - no pony ride this year (sorry C). She ate her cake with gusto, finishing by smearing icing on her little pumpkin and attempting to lick it off of that. It was a beautiful fall day for my little Caleigh-Boo.

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